Welcome to the LaVoce website

We are a group that loves to sing, many of whom have not sung in a choir before. You don’t need to audition and don’t need to be able to read music. We sing many and varied pieces both old and new. Our wonderful musical director and composer Sarah de Jong, tailors the music with two part harmonies that suit our voices. She also teaches us how to best breath and project our voices. After our warm up exercises we can feel our music blossom and we sing like we never thought we could. Sarah, award winning composer, sound designer, voice and singing teacher, theatre director and theatrical collaborator, has worked in theatre, radio, film and dance for many years. We benefit from this experience by learning about our voices as we have our singing fun. The choir sings a number of concerts each year e.g. at The Lane Cove Festival and Carols@The Library.
COVID 19 has prevented us meeting face to face as choral singing is know to increase the risk of virus transmission.. However, undaunted and determined to maintain our great community, on March 31st 2020 we created LaVoce Virtual, continuing our weekly rehearsals on Zoom. It has worked really well with, on average, 30 singing each week. We rehearse our songs and have breakout groups to create a strong community feeling.

So if you are one of the many people out there who sing in the shower or while you are driving, come have fun with us. Given current COVID restrictions we are on Zoom. Our  rehearsals for 2021 are 6.15 each Tuesday with breaks in the school holidays. Join us for one rehearsal to see if you like it. If  you have any questions or  would like to come  and have a sing, phone Adrian Lee at 0424507321 or email at adrianlee2@mac.com

We are grateful for the support of the Lane Cove Council.