Up coming performances


To provide a focus for our rehearsing, LaVoce presents a number of concerts over the year. We haveĀ  LaVoce at Home concerts for family and friends so they can see what we do on a Tuesday, these conclude with a supper and wine and cheese tasting.

We were hoping to get back to face to face rehearsals in 2021 but recent COVID 19 restrictions mean that we will probably start via Zoom as we have done for most of 2020. The rehearsal times for 2020 will be as follows:

Term 1 Tuesday February 2nd – Tuesday 23rd March

Term 2 Tuesday April 20th – Tuesday June 22nd

Term 3 July 13th – Tuesday September 14th

Term 4 Tuesday October 5th – Tuesday December 14th

We will select dates for our 2021 concerts soon after we commence rehearsals

For more information aboutĀ  how to join the choir contact Adrian Lee at 0424507321 or at adrianlee2@mac.com


We about to vote for the songs we will sing in 2021

If you want to join get in touch so you can have your say on the repetoire